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    Welcome to xenForo 2!

    Welcome to xenForo 2!
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    StartupsForum upgraded to xenForo 2!

    I have been doing some housecleaning on my server and decided it was time to upgrade StartupsForum to the latest version of xenForo. I've already been testing xenForo 2 on another site, and I still am doing so. xenForo is currently going through a public beta of XF2. Right now, the site is at...
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    Hello, my name is Carlos!

    ...And I'm your friendly forum administrator here at StartupsForum! :D I have been writing for websites for almost 13 years now. I started in 2001, for a now-defunct GameCube website, climbed the ranks to Senior Editor, then when the site became a company in 2002 as Advanced Media Network, I...
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    Introducing Startups Forum!

    I am happy to announce that I've opened the doors to Startups Forum! is a community for Startups to connect with advisors, mentors, like-minded startup founders, like-minded entrepreneurs, and all kinds of investors. Event organizers can post their upcoming startup event and...